Raising Expectations and Aspirations of all Children

Raye Anne DeSoto

REACH Coordinator

Gardiner Regional Middle School

Phone: 207-582-1326 Ext 420


Sue Williamson

REACH Teacher

Gardiner Regional Middle School

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Marla Morgan

REACH Ed. Tech, Elementary



The REACH program is MSAD 11’s gifted and talented program.
The overall mission of the REACH program is to escalate the level and quality of learning for students capable of manifesting high levels of performance in any and all areas of the curriculum. The program’s philosophy believes that each child should be able to use educational opportunities to advance his/her potential. The REACH program will provide educational opportunities through differentiated learning and by utilizing the School-wide Enrichment Model.

Students will be exposed to and participate in Type I (Exploratory Activities), Type II (Skill Building), and Type III (Independent Investigations). Students will also benefit from curriculum compacting, enrichment clusters, differentiated instruction in the regular classroom, accelerated classes, participation in State and National contests, field trips, and the Renzulli Learning System. Students will also participate in an end of the year showcase of student work. Students will be in their classrooms for most of their time with the REACH Coordinator coming to work with the students at their school and/or in their classroom.

Students who are recommended for the program exhibit academic and/or artistic gifts and talents. Student eligibility is based on results from the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (K-Bit) and the Scales For Rating the Behavioral Characteristics of Superior Students (SRBCSS), teacher checklists, assessment data, and portfolios. State guidelines dictate the program can service 5% of the targeted population. The REACH program is currently working with grades K-12.

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